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Mediterranean Kitchen 
in Brickell

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Your Mediterranean restaurant in Miami

Come and experience a one-of-a-kind culinary experience at Happea's, a Miami-based Mediterranean restaurant that combines locally-sourced, fresh ingredients with innovative cooking techniques to delight your palate. Our menu features a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are sure to entice your taste and fulfill your cravings every time.


At Happea’s, we are passionate about creating unique culinary moments and believe that dining should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. This is why our team works tirelessly to create delicious and stunning dishes that showcase the best ingredients and flavors of our Mediterranean cuisine. 

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your happy place!

"... Amazing, healthy food and super friendly staff and owners. A+ restaurant... Highly recommend" Marc Leff.

"What an original concept, great service. Their hummus is fabulous.Definitely I am coming back!!!!" Moises Kleiner.

Curious about our cozy gem?

Let our regulars describe it for you!

Create an amazing Mediterranean event with Happea’s Catering 

Additionally, our catering services are perfect for events of all sizes, from intimate dinner parties to large corporate events. Make a fabulous Mediterranean party with Happea’s by your side. Your guests will be thrilled with every dish you present. 

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Take Me Home Hummus (close up).jpg


Our world is our home

How can we better our planet? We started by carrying compostable single use items. Share with us ideas and initiatives to diminish waste, let's create together!

Contact Happea’s Mediterranean Kitchen

If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable Mediterranean dining experience in Miami, or need professional catering services, come visit us at Happea’s or contact us for delivery. We look forward to serving you!

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